The main scientific members of the EFEO-FEMC team are Messrs. Kun Sopheap and Leng Kok An, of matchless scholarship. Khmer literature is now indebted to them for the treasures of culture and science that they have displayed for the past two decades. The team is incomplete since the loss of one of its members, Thaong Yok (1921-2007), master of Pāli studies, who, because of being the last living colleague of Suzanne Karpelès, was the personification of the relationship of the FEMC with the illustrious alumni of the EFEO who have been working for over a century on the study and conservation of Khmer texts.

We are also indebted to Mr. Chieng Seng-Em, who worked tirelessly to clean up thousands upon thousands of leaves scattered in the monasteries; to Mr. Yun Polbo, our driver; to Mr. Ros Soksambo, the executive secretary of the EFEO’s center in Phnom Penh; to Mr. Vann Narith, secretary in charge of computerizing the files and texts and, lastly, to Mr. Suon Kosal, our office manager and security guard. A special word of thanks is due to our team photographer Mr. Tom Sarœun for his infinite patience in handling the extraordinarily repetitive job he was given for so many years in the field and even to this year in personally digitizing the hundreds of rolls of film that he knows better than anyone else.

Finally we would like to express our deep gratitude to the Republic of Singapore and UNESCO, without whom the digitization and dissemination of Cambodia’s manuscripts would not have been possible.